Welcome to our new website!

We are producing very high quality dental-investments in Switzerland. We have experience in developing and producing investments for over 25 years. Developing excellent investments is only the a part of the challenge - to produce it in a constant quality over years is the big challenge. We are using the best rawmaterials on the market and spend a lot of time in checking these materials to hold the quality constant.

In the last six years we made great efforts in development of extraordinary good pressceramic investments, especially for lithium-disilicate pressceramics.

Our newest investments PrimaVest-DUO and PrimaVest-CLASSIC are both pressinvestments but also usable for castings. They are outstanding in fitting and surface, easy to divest, have very less reaction layer, which is easy to remove.

You will find no better pressinvestments in the world! Test it!

This website is currently in progress. More English parts will be added in the near future. Until then you can contact us via mail or phone for further information or check out our German Website by replacing /en/ through /de/ .